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About us

At Equatorial Traders we do not see coffee merely as a traded commodity. Our strength lies in the network of relationships we have built up over the last 21 years, covering all corners of the globe.
The quality of our worldwide relationships allows us to go the extra mile for our customers and provide them with a truly bespoke service. We offer a full range of coffee solutions to a range of clients, both big and small.

Perhaps you require a reliable, cost-effective source of green coffee? Or you might need a coffee with high acidity? Or maybe you require ethical coffees? You could be a small player trying to develop a new espresso blend with specific taste characteristics? Or maybe you are a big roaster wanting to get hold of your key ingredients at a more competitive price? We can meet all these needs.

We source all types of coffee from everywhere in the world and deliver it to you at a competitive price. Our long-established track record and impeccable reputation in the coffee business gives our clients complete peace of mind.

Our main sources are: Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kenya, Nicaragua and Tanzania. We also source a number of "Exotic" and “Ethical” coffees for our clients.

Our success is based on strict quality control. You’ll see on the Quality Control pages the extreme lengths we go to in ensuring that our coffee goes from origin to roaster door as smoothly as possible. We have known our suppliers for many years. We also have state-of-the-art cupping facilities in our office and an in-house team of five enthusiastic coffee tasting experts who conduct daily cupping sessions.

Cupping room - Quality Control

Flexibility is increasingly important in the coffee business and we are able to tailor our coffee supply to a range of different requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of the coffee market and ability to keep ahead of trends allows us to do this.

We look forward to assisting you. Please go to Contact to get in touch.


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Gary, Rupen, Daniel and Ricardo participate in the cupping sessions conducted daily at Equatorial Traders, part of the company’s stringent quality control process.

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