We are Equatorial

Rupen Soochak – MD
Rupen Soochak – MD
Origin? London
Favourite movie? Casablanca
Biggest phobia? Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
Favourite holiday destination? Morzine
Favourite drink? Patron XO Cafe
Hobby? Skiing
Last meal request? Fillet de Perche et Pomme frites
Fergus Wilson – Trader
Fergus Wilson – Trader
Origin? England / Scotland / Sweden
Favourite movie? Gladiator
Biggest phobia? Arachibutyrophobia: The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth
Favourite holiday destination? Kenya
Favourite drink? Caipirinha
Hobby? Skiing
Last meal request? Sushi
Gary Ellis – Quality Manager
Gary Ellis – Quality Manager
Origin? Raised in the bush of Zimbabwe
Favourite movie? The Big Lebowski
Biggest phobia? Agateophobia-The fear of insanity
Favourite holiday destination? Realistic-Barcelona, Dream-The Maldives
Favourite drink? White Russian
Hobby? Coffee Roasting
Last meal request? Rare 15oz tenderloin steak, onion rings, peri-peri chips & fried egg
Will Lenton-Brook – Operations Manager
Will Lenton-Brook – Operations Manager
Origin? Yorkshire
Favourite movie? Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Biggest phobia? Acrophobia – I hate heights
Favourite holiday destination? Italy
Favourite drink? Ron Zacapa
Hobby? Rambling (in every sense of the word)
Last meal request? Surf and turf
Komal Patel – Office<br />
Komal Patel – Office
Origin? Mumbai, India
Favourite movie? Rush Hour
Biggest phobia? Musophobia
Favourite holiday destination? Goa
Favourite drink? Lychee Martini
Hobby? Mixology
Last meal request? Spaghetti aglio olio
Jag Madhavji – Financial Controller
Jag Madhavji – Financial Controller
Origin? Tanzania
Favourite movie? The Italian Job
Biggest phobia? Claustrophobia
Favourite holiday destination? Still looking for one!
Favourite drink? Chilled beer
Hobby? Passionate Liverpool supporter, music and reading
Last meal request? Hotchpotch
Emma Wallace – Operations
Emma Wallace – Operations
Origin? New Zealand
Favourite movie? Kill Bill 1 & 2
Biggest phobia? Odontophobia
Favourite holiday destination? Norway
Favourite drink? Chemex made with a Natural Ethiopian blend
Hobby? Travel
Last meal request? Burrito with extra Guacamole
Mohit Gordhan – Operations
Mohit Gordhan – Operations
Origin? Kenya
Favourite movie? So many!
Biggest phobia? Finite time
Favourite holiday destination? Space…one day.
Favourite drink? Protein shake
Hobby? Bit of everything
Last meal request? Platter of kebabs
Connor Barnes - Junior Trader
Connor Barnes - Junior Trader
Origin? West Midlands, UK
Favourite movie? Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
Biggest phobia? Trypanophobia
Favourite holiday destination?Marawila, Sri Lanka
Favourite drink? Sazerac
Hobby? Watching sports
Last meal request? Blue cheese burger with sweet potato fries
Daryl Kryst - Operations
Daryl Kryst - Operations
Origin? Singapore
Favourite movie? Last Samurai
Biggest phobia? Entomophobia
Favourite holiday destination? Toronto
Favourite drink? Earl Grey tea with elderflower ice cubes
Hobby? Rock climbing
Last meal request? Quesadilla – Extra hot!
Elizabeth Barry – Trader
Elizabeth Barry – Trader
Origin? UK / East Africa
Favourite movie? Withnail and I
Biggest phobia? Ghosts (phasmophobia)
Favourite holiday destination? Kilifi, Kenya / Côte d'Azur
Favourite drink? Vespa Martini
Hobby? Swimming, music, games, travel
Last meal request? Bún thịt nướng (Vietnamese cold noodle dish)
Tina El-Lamaa - Operations
Tina El-Lamaa - Operations
Origin? Middle-East, Lebanon
Favourite movie? Girls Trip
Biggest phobia? Fear of colouring outside the lines!
Favourite holiday destination? Still exploring
Favourite drink? Malibu and Pineapple Juice
Hobby? Drawing, Art & Crafts and Dance
Last meal request? Sushi