Specialty Coffees


Specialty Coffees

Often some of these incredible coffees are found in remote and hard-to-reach locations, grown by small-holder farmers and cooperatives. We are passionate about helping these growers. By harnessing our extensive origin experience and long-standing relationships, we work closely with them to showcase their high-end coffees, providing assistance and support in marketing, logistics, finance and quality management.

We recognise that our customers and consumers are always on the hunt for unique coffees, and we strive to make them as accessible as possible. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting coffees that fit our customers’ requirements, and offer a flexible service in packaging, consolidation and freight tailored to their needs.




Certified Coffees

Coffee doesn’t have to be special just because of its unique qualities. Certified coffees have social, ecological and financial benefits at the source, ultimately sustaining the supply of the coffees that we all love. We feel strongly about improving the livelihood of the farmers and their families who supply our fantastic coffees and we are committed to supporting sustainable initiatives wherever we can, as well as assisting suppliers to achieve certification.

Working closely with certified suppliers, we actively help customers to source coffees sustainably. We see ourselves as a vital component in the supply chain in promoting and developing the supply of certified and sustainable coffees. To this end we work closely with our customers, be it helping them to source specific certifications or helping them to develop annual forecasts and strategies in order to secure the coffees that they need.