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Our strength is our knowledge and relationships in coffee-growing regions globally.


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Coffee is grown in some of the most diverse and far-flung corners of the world. Our passion for coffee starts at the source – we believe the origin of our coffees is as important as the finished product. Some of our team have lived in coffee-producing countries and through our hunger of understanding the origins it has taken us on travels from the sweeping plantations of Minas Gerais in Brazil to the breath-taking Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia and beyond.

Behind every great coffee there is great people! Our strength lies in our long-standing relationships developed over many years working together with farmers, cooperatives and exporters alike. Together with our partners, we share the same desire and enthusiasm to deliver the highest quality coffees.



Coffee’s intricate complexities is what makes it unique amongst other commodities – small differences in soil types, rainfall, altitudes and processing methods gives huge variation in its flavours, appearance and aroma. We taste hundreds of coffees of all regions and qualities each week in our state-of-the-art cupping room, and pride ourselves in understanding what makes a good coffee.

Our commitment to quality is bound by consistency. We understand that even small variations in the flavour or appearance of the coffee can cause problems for our customers. Through our strict quality control measures, we continuously check the quality of our deliveries from the processing up to the point of delivery, evaluating moisture, appearance, roast consistency and flavour to ensure all of our coffees meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.



Some of the best coffees in the world are found in remote and hard-to-reach places, often hindered by poor infrastructure and delicate political, social and environmental conditions. We work closely with our partners to proactively manage all areas of the supply chain and ensure that all of our deliveries run smoothly and efficiently.

We recognise that all of our customers have a diverse range of requirements, and we strive to offer a bespoke and personal service tailored to all needs, whether it involves air-freighting one bag or delivering hundreds of tonnes. We also offer additional services and advice through our deliveries including price risk management, blending and financing in order to give our customers flexibility and peace-of-mind.



We retain a strong family culture, and recognise that the people we work with, both inside and out, are integral to the growth and the future of the coffee industry. We are committed to adding value to the supply chain, and to be a partner of choice with all our stakeholders.

We are conscious of the need to maximise sustainability efforts throughout the supply chain in order to preserve the social and ecological environment that our coffees rely on. We endeavour to source our coffees in a fair and responsible way, working with multiple certification bodies, hold ISO 9001:2008 certification and are members of the British Coffee Association and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.