Global Coffee Traders

London-based coffee traders with offices in Hamburg and Dubai.

Coffee origins

At Equatorial Traders, our expertise spans across multiple coffee origins, but we specialise in Ethiopian, East African and Brazilian beans. Each region is renowned for its unique and distinctive taste profile. We take pride in our ability to source, trade and deliver exceptional coffee beans to meet the preferences of our valued customers.


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Equatorial Traders has been trading commercial, certified and speciality coffee for over 30 years. Our company operates from London in the vibrant quarter of King’s Cross supplying over 500,000 coffee bags every year. Today, we still uphold the highest quality standards to meet our client’s expectations.

Specialising in Brazilian, Ethiopian & East African arabicas

Ethiopian coffees, celebrated for their complex and diverse flavours, capture the essence of coffee’s birthplace. East African beans; known for their bright acidity and vibrant floral notes, offer an intense sensory journey. Meanwhile, Brazilian coffee; with its smooth, nutty sweetness, provide a comforting and consistent flavour profile.

A blend of traditional values with a modern approach


Expertise that encompasses all aspects of green coffee supply including, but not limited to; sampling, pricing, storage, freight, price risk management, blending, and financing.


Quality control is at the core of our operations. Our laboratories ensure that every coffee bean undergoes fair and unbiased analysis, meeting the highest standards.


We partner with social enterprise projects to ensure a sustainable future. We are wholly committed to adding value to the coffee supply chain and be the company of choice with all our stakeholders.


With our deep-rooted family history, we recognise that our people are the backbone and the future of the coffee industry’s growth.

Sustainability at our core

Sustainability is ingrained in our corporate culture. Through active participation in diverse green programs, projects and ongoing innovation, we are committed to fostering a more sustainable business environment.

Absolute quality control

We maintain stringent quality assurance processes with dedicated laboratories in London and Dubai, ensuring that all sourced coffee meets the highest standards.

We use industry leading moisture readers for fast, reliable and exact testing. Moisture content gives us a clear signal for quality management and control when contracting green coffee.

This can be helpful in determining a product’s shelf life: too much activity and the product is more likely to become contaminated from bacterial or mould growth; too little activity and the product will deteriorate faster as it becomes overly dried out.