Coffee Sourcing

International suppliers of commercial, specialty and certified coffee.

Specialising in Brazilian, Ethiopian & East African green coffee beans

We trade coffee from multiple origins, specialising in Brazilian, Ethiopian and East African arabicas. Our holistic approach is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing at the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

Storage & Logistics
Risk Management

Offices in Dubai, Hamburg & London

Our headquarters relocated to London’s most exciting district, King’s Cross, in 2019. Equatorial Dubai was launched in the new purpose-built DMCC in the port of Jebel Ali. Equatorial Traders has a further branch based in Hamburg, Germany that allows for smooth transactions and business flow into Germany and the EU.

Personal service from our experienced team

We are committed to all our shareholders in the value chain and strive to continuously improve our business to be a responsible and accountable trading partner. Our expertise and coffee know-how allow us to offer a reliable and personable service from procurement to delivery.

Science based testing to SCA methods

Our quality team, with two fully CQI certified Q-graders, have many years of experience and are trained to follow industry-standard protocol and procedures in coffee evaluation and grading.

All samples are roasted, brewed and cupped on site according to SCA methods. We strive to ensure all tests are fair and controlled by using filtered water and a large eco-boiler to maintain the correct temperature for cupping samples.

We use industry leading moisture readers for fast, reliable and exact testing. Moisture content gives us a clear signal for quality management and control when contracting green coffee.

This can help in determining a product’s shelf life. Too much activity and the product is more likely to become contaminated from bacterial or mould growth; too little activity and the product will deteriorate faster as it becomes overly dry.

Quality control, sample evaluation & grading from our own laboratories

Our quality lab is equipped with industry standard instruments to accurately measure and record every sample for maximum control.


Assess, test & grade

Our Q-graders will assess, grade and test all samples to let our clients choose the right coffee and so maintain strict control of all shipments.


Sample management

Accurate testing and sophisticated sample management allow us to reassure our clients their contracts meet expectations every time.


Coffee sample report

Sample reports are a quick way to visualise the quality at a glance. We keep records of all shipment samples to ensure no issues arise.