CSR & Sustainability

Fostering shared value throughout the entire coffee value chain

Sustainably certified coffee

Equatorial Traders champions the consumption of sustainably certified coffee, exemplified through our engagement with organisations such as Rainforest Alliance, Soil Association Organic and Fairtrade. Each year we procure and trade 15-20% of our coffee beans under these affiliations.

Our commitment to these bodies is underpinned by our adherence to registering and reporting all sold coffee under their respective certifications, ensuring full traceability and transparency.

Supporting a thriving coffee community

Equatorial Traders is an international coffee trader with sustainability at its core. We recognise the opportunity to embed sustainable and ethical practices into our supply chains. Beyond our trading excellence, we strive to fulfil our social and environmental responsibilities so that future generations can experience being part of a thriving coffee community.

sustainable coffee trading

Long-lasting sustainable partnerships

We actively engage in diverse programs and projects aimed at promoting sustainability. Internally, we implement measures to support our employees in adapting to the ever-evolving work environment. This includes initiatives like waste recycling, responsible electricity use and social benefits to ensure the well-being and rights of our workforce.

Helping overcome barriers to employment

Well Grounded is a social enterprise that empowers people with the skills, training, mentorship and the qualifications they need to access work in the specialty coffee industry.

We work with Well Grounded by providing office space for their training activities and head-office in London. Our offices are located in the same building meaning that we can maintain a lively, friendly and active relationship with the team. We often collaborate and pull our resources to run coffee tasting events and workshops and provide an industry insight into green coffee trading.